Venice and its Moldovans

I write this travel diary to share, on the one hand, my experience acquired in my trip in the hope that the information will be useful to those in the same ridiculous situation of being an intellectual from R. of Moldova and to express my deep gratitude to our compatriots scattered around the world, on the other hand. Because they – our dear friends and relatives are almost our only chance to see the Occident in the new political and socio economic situation. In the absence of national projects that can facilitate initiating travels and inspiring collaborations, they support us in our adventures of knowing the world, maintaining, how paradoxical sounds, the culture of this poor state.

Aliona GRATI

Metaliteratura scientific journal was founded in 2000 by the Chair of Romanian and Comparative Literature, Faculty of Philology, Pedagogical University “Ion Creanga” from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. On its pages you can find works of those who collaborated with this Chair (full-time and part-time) from 90-s till now. Articles written by Alexandru Burlacu (Chair Head), member of the Academy of Sciences Mihai Cimpoi, Associate member Nicolae Biletchi, member of the Academy of Sciences Mihail Dolgan, Anatol Gavrilov, Eliza Botezatu, Sergiu Pavlicencu, Alina Ciobanu, Grigore Cantar, Dumitru Apetri, Timofei Rosca, Loretta Handrabura, Dumitrita Smolnitchi, Victoria Baraga, Luminita Bucsaneanu, Aliona Grati, Viorica Zaharia, Galina Ionesi, Vlad Caraman, Nina Corcinschi, Elena Cartaleanu etc. provide readers a portrait of relatively homogenous team, give them a picture of team-minded researchers. In 2006 Metaliteratura scientific journal obtained a new status under the Institute of Philology, the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. This event caused closer collaboration between the Academy and the University and led to mutual enrichment of teaching and researching processes. It also promoted the process of scientific debates and increased the number of authors contributing to the journal that ensured including in list of our authors the most outstanding scientists in the field of Moldavian Literature Study. In 2008 Aliona Grati, PhD in Philology, became Editor in-chief. The editorial policy is to support scientific discussion, so editorial board urges authors to submit essays on General Literature as well as articles on History and Theory of Literature, Poetics, Critics, Folklore and Ethnology. The most attention and space is constantly given to theoretical studies as to emphasize the identity of scientific research principles in our country and in the universal scientific world. It should be mentioned that at the moment Metaliteratura is quoted by CNAA (National Committee for Accreditation and Attestation) as C-group journal.